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πŸ’‘There is a node on [[Fundraising]] for those who are looking for fundraising tips. This page has a list of investors by stage.

Seed Funds

Below are funds specifically targeting pre-product market fit, angel/seed-stage companies. The check sizes tend to be in the low six figures up to $2m. Some may write up to $5m, but mostly in $200k-$2m is the range. Smaller funds are usually earlier and write smaler checks and bigger funds expect a bit more traction/execution and can write checks in the upper range.

Venture Capital

Below are list of institutional investors who are actively investing in new companies, based on their stage. Some of the funds that are no-longer actively writing new checks have been omitted.

Early-stage Funds

Early-stage funds typically invest in the series-A to series-B/C.. The letters don't really mean much anymore, but the checksizes can be low millions to $15-20m these days. But mostly will be < $15m with $3-10m being the most typical range for series-A in Silicon Valley.

Growth-stage Funds

Growth-stage funds typically invest in series-C and after, but large series-B as well. The checksizes are usually > $10m. Mostly in $10-30M range, but some up to $50m being the typical range (based on fund size). Some hedgefunds & crossover investors have come down from public markets to growth stage investments thesedays, so some can write checks from $25m to $100m and beyond.

Growth funds/hedge funds as rule-of-thumb, target 3x in 5 years in 'healthy cases' and 5x in 5 years in 'optimistic cases.'

Typically in a single firm, early-stage investing is a separate practice & separate team from growth-stage investing (although they may share a senior partner in the investment committee, the deal teams tend to be separate)

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